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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 27, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> yep. this is off of an album that nobody heard before. >> that will be in the after the show show. >> she'll play it for all of you out there. thanks for being with us. accusing the republicans of push weighing calls phoney scandals. i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. you could say the president took a page from an old play book. not namele the irs or benghazi but the president shrugged them off as saying they are fabricated issues, they are all geared towards the next election
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and ginning up the base. bill: ted cruz says the president is getting what pass because he's a democrat. >> if the tables were turned. if this were a republican president and attorneyien and the president had led a donor to lead and investigation into democrats, if the republican administration had destroyed the emails and destroyed the hard drive. if a republican administration had been accused of leaking political information into the hand of democrats. the democratic side of this chamber would be rightly lighting their hair on fire. every medi -- every media outlet
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would have banner headlines every day. >> for this administration, when you have a president who til -- we remember not a smidgen of evidence. if their public position is still there is no corruption. there was n -- there was no malfeasance who is accused of targeting the president's political enemies. that was part of the articles of impeachment against president nixon. if that's where he is he's so far away from the political reality in the country i don't know he's going to be able to turn around in time to head this off. bill: we candidate whether congress should continue to investigate. 74 per se yes.
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that's 3/4. -- 74% say yes. that's 3/4. >> the outrage has been muted rather than sustained in the establishment press and that's til the number that goes up on the board when we talk about what america thinks. remember always. this is the irs we are talking about. not the santa claus in popularity. >> on abs this morning was it george stephanopoulos and he asked how half of americans lost their ability to lead. how did he answer that? >> he said who cares. the polls go up, the polls go down, we come back, we are fine. here is the problem. the president has been trying to outrun his scandals for six years. unfortunately when you get to this point in the presidency and you become a lame duck you tend
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to get toe up a terminal spiral. you get toe up a flat spin and you can't get out of it and you are sort of a prisoner in the white house. bill: this speech in minneapolis, when was talking to of day americans. not look get wildly wealthy, trying to make ends meet. not looking to get wildly wealthy. where does it come from a comment like that. >> i'm sure hillary clinton wasn't happy to hear that. but he has uttered again and again that americans should have reasonable peck takes and different goals than doing better economically and should be focused on living virtuous lives. bill: the middle class is til trying to dig themselves out of a deep economic hole. even today.
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enjoy the weekend. martha: here is another fox. a senior u.s. official tells us khattala is due in d.c. in days. the crime that he's accused of is the september 11, 2012 attack that took the lives of four americans in the blaze that was a consulate in benghazi. included in that loss, ambassador chris stevens. adam housley is live. the tide is turning in this investigation. now there is a person who will be charged. it's khattala. is he believed to be the mastermind behind this night? >> reporter: the administration
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touted this as being a big get for them, a big win for them. those involved in the investigation will tell you khattala wasn't a big deal. they will tell you 21 months after the attack if khattala is the on one they have, it's a loss for the united states. as they hunt down those responsible for the 2012 attack and despite this recent arrest, little has been done to arrest other more powerful subjects and intelligence has bin ignored or held. according to multiple sources on the ground and someone with direct knowledge to identify and hund the suspects, the capture of khattala was an easy one. he was low-hanging fruit, they said there was no change or urgency to do this now. these men and women who have
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direct knowledge don't get political. but with this arrest there have been serve who told us, this does smell of politics, >> as you say, he was out there, and seemed to be fairly accessible for some time. so there is some certain irony in that, and now we are being told that he was the ring leader. he's the big fish behind the whole thing. in terms of the other people out there, are they still at large and do we have any good leads on them? >> i haven't met one person involved in this versus ghietion will say khattala was the big fish. they will tell you he was connected. they will never say khattala was the mastermind. they will tell you there was a target list composed of four groups. and those four groups are split
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up in different areas. we don't want to give those groups out to the bad guys hospital might be watching this. but they will tell you these four groups have been identified, followed, actionable intelligence has been out there for months and months and nothing has been done. they want to know why some of these main suspect have not been picked up and why in haven't been harder questions asked about the landlord who had both u.s. facilities. somebody's men believe is much more involved than let on. this investigation is still going on. a lot of these men under investigation, a lot of these suspects have been out there and we have known where they are and they have not been picked up. the on person you have right now is khattala. martha: the proof will be in how vociferously he's questioned. the present showers on now for that to happen with this arrest. we'll see if it does.
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adam thank you so much. >> we know where some of these guys are. we had actionable intelligence after the attack and we have audio and visual on these guys. one hunts person told me he had eyes on who he believes is the mastermind and was told a no-go. martha: incredible. adam, thank you very much. bill: president obama asking congress for half a billion to train and arm the rebels fighting in syria to try to stop the violence from spreading into iraq. the administration saying it would vet members of the syrian opposition to make sure weapons don't fall into the hands of those militant isis forces. doug mcelway is live in washington with a lot of money. many are saying too little too
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late. >> reporter: for months a lot of republicans have been pleading with the administration for a more active engagement. but they say as the months have massed so as the window of opportunity allowing the extremist elements of the opposition to take their control and spread their influence to where they now control many iraqi cities and threaten many of the border possibleo crossing into gordon. all a consequence they say of the president's intentional conscientious con thusness to have a smaller footprint in the middle east. lack of engagement in middle east. here is senator lindsey graham. >> we are on the verge of losing the war in iraq and we'll lose in afghanistan if we withdraw our forces. 10,000 to 15,000 left behind in afghanistan would keep it together. it breaks me heart that all we
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needed in iraq was 10,000 troops and some hand holding. >> reporter: the administration rejected that out of hand. they point to a great report saying all those chemical weapons have been removed from iraq. >> we made clear we'll support moderate elements of the opposition. we provided support in a variety of ways including both military and non-military support. >> no specific response yet from congress to this request give the administration for $5. >> 0 million to bolster the mod that opposition. bill: doug mche willway on the north lawn. isis in iraq are using the weapons we left behind to help fortify the iraqi military, and now they have not all of them
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but a good substantial number. martha: you remember this moment between the embattled irs commissioner john koskinen and paul ryan over the supposedly missing emails? >> i don't believe you. this is incredible. >> i have a long career, that's the first time anybody has said you don't believe me. >> i don't believe you. >> that's mine, we can have a disagreement. martha: now koskinen is admitting certain things about the scandal that don't look so good. bill: a man walks into a liquor store and wants to rob the joint. take that, and take that. what is that, a plunger? martha: the supreme court knock
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the crook. the crook started throwing bottles to defend himself. lovely. that's going to hurt. the robber started pummeling the clerk until a customer broke up the fight and the suspect got away. guess who says he's sorry. the head of the irs comirks apologizing saying the white house was not involved with the targeting but admitting a hard drive crash that led to lerner's missing emails did look suspicious. >> i have been around washington for a long time and when evidence is not available. >> is it criminal? >> i don't think there is any evidence of that. >> if miss lerner were destroying amendments she
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wouldn't keep making them. bill: rich lowry, good morning to you. he said i apologize to anybody who ever had their applications held up needlessly. everybody needs to be confident the irs will treat them fairly no matter who they are. what was that statement of contrition? >> this is a much more contrite attitude because he got widely anded in these hearings. the irs is the most demanding and invasive level of government. the it has to be aproper reproach. it doesn't pass the smell test. these are the emails in the period under question and most people know you can't get rid of emails even if you try on most people's computers. bill: he blamed faulty telling.
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but he was also asked by wolf blitzer if it was worthy of a criminal investigation and he said i don't think so at this time. >> they don't tell congress until two weeks ago these things are gone forever, even though they are seen ad twice last year. and the president of the united states said we'll get to the bottom of this a year ago when he expressed his initial outrage and eric holder has basically done nothing. he appointed a partisan democrat to investigate the matter. the house held learner in contempt. it's referred to the b.c. attorney, u.s. attorney, and nothing is happening with that either. >> he also is asked about whether or not outside forces shut investigate. this is what he said. >> the congress asked the treasury inspector general for tax administration to do an investigation. he's working hard at it.
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we have given him access to all the people, all the emails. he's trying to get an interim report out in the next few weeks. the appropriate way to proceed is let's see what the i.g. find out. bill: we know what happened in the state department when they did an internal report, they never even talked to hillary clinton. what is the level of confidence you have if they do an interim report. >> i think it up spector general did a god job in the first place. but there should be a level of outrage within the administration about this if they are being sincere. the president of the united states tomorrow could tell every single agency in the government, including the white house. if you received an email from lois lerner, find it now.
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tell the fbi director to do a forensic review of this. the initial expression of outrage was to get through the first few initial news cycles and hope it all goes away. martha: there is a new report that says millions of americans just can't afford their homes. is this a sign of the times and the u.s. economy? are we making too little or spending too much? or a combination of both. plus this morning coming up -- >> the fellas win by losing. how does that work now? team usa plays on. check it out next tuesday. starts with back pain... ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve...
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bill: team usa staying alive. what a party. check it out. what was that? millions taking a long lunch break thursday afternoon. we were two of them. germany picked up a solo goal. we lose but we advance. i love this. the team captain craig dempsey posted a shirtless selfie of the boys in the locker room on instagram. and we posted a selfie. we had our shirts on. we had our viewing party. martha: allen our pro kiers and steve hayes, we had a good time
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and all of our crew was there, all of our producers and writers, our fox family. bill: next tuesday we are going to do it all off again. belgium tuesday 4 time, go usa! you were suggesting i should boycott french fries and stella? >> for belgium? martha: a shock new report on the state of the u.s. economy. according to researchers at harvard 40 million people can't afford the house they live in because mort gang or rent takes up 40% of their income. >> it's a big number. it's 35 million americans.
6:27 am
it's when your rents or mortgage takes up 36% of your mort tang. that doesn't leave a lot of money left off for food or clothing, for savings, or a rainy day. saving for retirement. education if you are spending that much on your rent or mortgage you just don't have anything left. martha: is it that average income is down or is it people are spending too much of their income per house. >> right's a function of income. it's saying rents and mortgages even though many people have had the ability to refinance and that helped this stat. about it says inflation and the cost of things around you is rising so much faster than incomes. we lost so many jobs and the ones that have come back are
6:28 am
low-paying part time jobs. if you had a job through the recession the wages haven't kept up. it just said that all across the country people are finding it heard and harder to pay their monthly expenses based on what they are making. it's not good. >> a lot of it reflects on economic issues that aren't going away. melissa, thank you very much. we'll see you object the business channel on "money with melissa." bill: the supreme court delivers a blow to president obama. >> i think this is a stinging rebuke to obama jeff reach in general and will have implications for other cases. bill: is he right? will things change? will this change anything? we'll debate that coming up. martha: dozens of people hurt as a roof collapses turning a party into a nightmare. >> we think evening is falling
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>> there has been an explosion sparking a massive fire in india. gas company officials say it's too early to know what caused that explosion.
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but they have a big job today. report prr growing backlash against the issue of executive overreach. yesterday the supreme court ruled the president's actions were illegal when he appointed members to the national rain lee races board without senate confirmation. that makes at least 13 unanimous supreme court ruling that are gone against the obama administration since 2012. charles crowd hammer discussing the impact of that decision of the supreme court and special report. here he is. >> i think this is a stinging rebuke to obama overreach in general and i think it will have implications for other cases. remember the argument the democrats made up with the boehner lots and the overreach. this is a partisan attack on the president. but the core is saying this is a constitutional travesty. i think this bodes well for the bader lawsuit. challenging the president'sover
6:34 am
reach. -- the president'sover reach. . martha: it's not just conservatives talking out about this. let's listen to this sound bite but jonathan turley as well. >> the president is asserting the level of unilateral authority that dwarfs that of other presidencies. he's creating an uber presidency. >> i wish it was an uber presidency. clearly the administration did not have a good week at the supreme court. but the idea that he's usurping by a recess appointment is absurd and if it's true his
6:35 am
predecessors must have been committing a could yocommit -- n committing a coup d'etat. martha: there was no case brought that said that wasn't true. they said he was overstepping his bounds in that regard. what do you make of that decision yesterday and what are the larger implications? >> it president himself -- this is an act the president did, not something he could blame on his agency. but it's always somebody else's fault. but politically this is damage for the president because this is a presidential action he took. he also taunted congress. he told congress, i have a pen and a phone. basically what he's telling congress is if you don't like what i'm doing sue me.
6:36 am
and we do. we see it on healthcare and immigration and the list goes on. charles crowd hammer pointed out this sets up boehner's suit very nicely. the attack boehner will bring will be more specific and more agree just than what the supreme court -- >> the boehner suit is about executive authority. and executive decisions. and the obama administration institute that less than any president since grover cleveland. >> the boehner lawsuit is completely frivolous. >> yes, i do, that what's he said it's going to be about. this is a sop to his base because they just took out his number two. >> are you saying republicans were complicit in helping boehner? >> the supreme court made no decision in the boehner case
6:37 am
because they haven't filed it. the present case said you couldn't do recess appointments in anything under a 10-day recess. and it protected the authority for doing an over the 10-day recess and this president has done it significantly less than other presidents. martha: this is an interesting fact. the justice department has won 70 per of its cases before the high court. but in each of the three terps the court ruled against the administration. it races the whole issue of checks and balances. isn't it incumbent upon congress when they think the executive branch whether it's a republican or democratic president when they think they are overreaching, aren't they serving the people by bringing that up to the court and saying we are supposed to all be equal these three branches and we feel that ground is being lost? isn't that something important to you as an american? >> i think that would be true if congress and the house republicans were doing the rest
6:38 am
of their jobs. instead what they are doing is trying to use games and gym toiks destroy the presidency. martha: answer my question as a person. just you. not politically. does it matter too you if you believe that the executive branch whether it's republican or democrat, is it incumbents on congress, is it their responsibility to make sure they push back if they think the executive is not doing their job. >> yes, as long as they are doing the rest of their job. and forming functional government. martha: look how long we had no budget. i think brad people look at this government and say things are out of whack. the judicial branch is not bringing cases they should be bringing. you look at irs and benghazi, they are thrusting their fists again the waller to nothing.
6:39 am
congress doesn't come forward with budgets. the executive branch is overreaching. are thing out of whack? >> the most dangerous president is the one who knows no limit to this authority. he basically he i'm going to do way want to do until name stopped from doing it. our government only works when there is a healthy respect for the coequal branches of government. boehner has no choice. either he can accept the president's actions or stop it. the speaker represents every member of congress, not just republicans to make sure this institution and his body is respected and the rule of law is followed. when that does not happen, he has an obligation to make sure there is a petition made to the courts to right the wrong and that's the way it should be, republicans and democrats. >> what i don't agree is republicans are trying to make this government dysfunctional. part of american a exception
6:40 am
amism is -- >> the president should stop acting unilaterally. >> the congress should stop trying to destroy this guy and work with the president. martha: it's incumbent to put that pressure on each other and make sure they are upholding their constitutional role. thank you, brad, good to see you both. bill: 20 minutes before the hour. the supreme court set the rule in a case that could be a game changer. the hobby lobby case and how this could change the healthcare law. martha: the gaffe that doesn't want to go away. will questions about money haunt hillary clinton in 2016 and might she get the mitt romney treatment? >> hon one handle she is spedly very self-confident, strong woman who talks about feminism. but on the other hand you have this sense she sees herself as a
6:41 am
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did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. martha: that was howard baker
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asking the question. howard baker died yesterday at his home in huntsville, tennessee. he was ambassador to japan and white house chief of staff to president ronald reagan. he was a pivotal anything this country's political history. he died at the age of 88. >> he was such a go-to person in terms of his depth of knowledge in so many areas. >> our best to his family in tennessee. the high court releasing its decision on the hobby lobby case on monday. that's the case that asks whether the federal government can force a private company to
6:46 am
provide contraception even if it violates their religious beliefs. quick prediction do you win on this case or not. >> we are confident we'll prevail in this case. bill: bases on what. >> i think you saw in the oral argument in march, the court was sceptical of the government's claim that the federal law and constitution doesn't allow for-profit businesses to be protected in their religious freedom. you saw some of the liberal justices be sceptical and the conservatives were with us on this point. >> are you saying 5-4, 6-3? what's your opinion on that? >> the chief justice has been good at getting unanimous mints out from the court. we are hopeful we'll see unanimity among the justices. justice breyer was on our side and many of them are concerned
6:47 am
about the overreach of the government in this case. >> if you are right and if you win on monday. how does this ruling change obamacare. >> it will provide an exemption for these people. faith who run their businesses according to their religious convictions and basically tell them that they can continue to conduct their business affairs according to their religious beliefs. that exemption will apply to the green family that runs hobby lobby and other for-photograph fit businesses that find themselves in the same predicament. >> there are 100 million employees for various roants. is that where the number is, 100 million? >> it's absolutely staggering that the government has seem fit to exempt so many secular businesses and refuses to give an exemption for these religious people.
6:48 am
bill: why do you think it is? >> i think a lot of it is convenience. the court can't excuse people for expense and not give an exemption to people of faith who have a significant objection to this mandate. bill: if hobby lobby losses i assume they will still not go forward based on religious beliefs. if that's the case, doesn't the company have to pay a fine? if it has to pay a fine, what is that number, do you know? >> the fines are staggering. they are in the millions for hobby lobby. that's what the government wanted to do. they created a system of fines that would financially punish and crush these businesses in order to compel them to follow this mandate. it's going to be unconstitutional. bill: is that thousands of dollars more millions of
6:49 am
dollars? bill: what the white house would argue is there is an accommodation set up. i don't know how that's defined under the law but would that not apply to hobby lobby? >> the accommodation is for all of the non-profit organizations and they are still fighting this mandate in the lower courts. so we'll see those sea come days cases involving the non-profits next year. but it's because -- precisely because the government didn't give an acome dmaights for-profit context, businesses like hobby lobby that make a profit. the government said you don't have any religious liberty rights. that's why those cases come first with the supreme court. >> so there is more to come. that's the points on that last answer. hannah, thank you for your time. sometimes the most controversial decisions are left to the end and it appears that's the case now. we'll find out on monday.
6:50 am
martha: texas senator ted cruz teeing off on eric holder about the irs targeting scandal. >> eric holder should be impeached. martha: what will lawmakers do about the scandal rocking the thanks agency? stay tuned. >> police haul out shia labeouf in handcuffs after he reportedly loses it during a broadway show. (phone ringing) good afternoon. chase sapphire. this is stacy from springfield. direct access to a live advisor so you can get answers fast, and get back to the beach. chase sapphire preferred. so you can.
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martha: if you look at his situation. copses hauled him out of a broadway show in handcuffs. that's not the way you want to leave a broadway show. what went on? >> you get escorted out of broadway if you slap people on the back of the head. it's a no-no. police say he was escorted out of studio 54 for being disorderly and yelling obscenities during the performance and we are learning disturbing details about his behavior. he wasp smoke and he continued to slap random people on the behind and in the back of the head. la buhe tried to flee but landen
6:55 am
his face. he's currently in court as we speak. martha: that's not a good situation. i remember number that cute golf movie. he was so good. >> on the behind, that's my favorite. martha: what about the view? >> the ladies are no more. now there is one. whoopi goldberg is the only lady still stand. mccarthy's contract was not reniewpped. as for shepard sources tell us she wanted to keep her but negotiations fell flat after they couldn't come to an agreement. they tell us "the view" will be evolving in a creative.
6:56 am
thanks to everyone at the show. sheparded a this to say, the number 7 is god's number of completion. ap after 7 seasons my time is complete. she thanks bash bra walters. she also left the show. whoopi goldberg is a one-woman show. >> we'll see hugh. >> they have until fall. they have some time. >> whoopie can do that show on her own. she doesn't need a cast. bill: th
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6:58 am
6:59 am
a suspect is set to arrive in washington anyday now to face
7:00 am
justice. he has been at sea for 11 days and he's expected to arrive shortly. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i am martha maccallum. >> and i am bill hemmer. less than two weeks ago he was free and now he is on a ship made with steel from the the towers of 911 and will face a complaint in a federal courtroom. >> catherine heritage is live outside the federal courtroom. what do we know? >> reporter: the case is on a hold. the timing is fluid. the ultimate decision rest with the attorney general but he could be in the u.s. as early as this weekend. we has been described as a muscle on the ground during the benghazi attack. he is a detainee and he will be
7:01 am
a criminal suspect once he is here with all of the protectios that go with that. he is on the uss new york and interrogated by the hague and this is agents from the fbi, cia, and the defense agency. he has been giving folks a history lesson in his libyan militia group. it is important to emphasis whatever he says can't be used in the criminal case against him. >> what do we know about the charges they'll bring against him so far, catherine? >> reporter: we have a basic complaint but the government clearly has more information than what they filled. a member of the joint terrorism task force reviewed it for us
7:02 am
and a couple things caught our attenti attention. it is a murder charge in the course to destroy a federal facility and it seems terrorism was secondary. >> it is definitely minimizing terrorism and putting up more of an attack on federal buildings and employees and i find that interesting because of the politics. anything this individual says about a protest or planned attack will weigh heavily on the politics in the future. >> the conventional wisdom has been that the case would end up in the eastern district of virginia or the southern district of new york which has handled high profile cases. but justice officials make a strong case the district court behind me can handle a prosecution like this. even the logistics of moving him from court to the detention
7:03 am
center because this is a facility where there is not an underground passage between the court and jail. >> it will be interesting to watch this unfold. republicans on the hill are expected to send letters to the department of justice and even the white house about the missing e-mails and new evidence the chief suggested auditing a powerful senator. >> we don't want her in jail. 80% of americans believe cannot trust the irs and that means they cannot trust their government or president. >> mike emanual on the hill now. more experts are raising doubts about the irs. what have you found about that? >> the founder and president of the international association of information technology asset managers said the notion that
7:04 am
the e-mails vanished makes no sense when quote the hard droifb in question was destroyed the irs should have called in a destruction firm to complete the process that requires documentation, sign off and approvals of completion. if this was done there would be records. if this wasn't done this is the smoking gun that proves the driver was destroyed imine -- inappropriately -- >> what about the revelation that lois lerner wanted a leading senator audited based on an invitation? >> that is right, bill. lerner wanted to audit grassly
7:05 am
after a group wanted him to speak and pay for his wife's travel. >> her e-mails vanished. just erased. it happens that people in the middle of illegal acts their records magically disappear right when the investigators are seeking to discover them. >> we are hearing louder and louder calls from republicans on the hill for a special prosecutor to investigate. >> thank you, mike emanual. one house lawmakers saying the e-mails are out there and he has a plan to get a hold of them. how about a million? lieuy gomer is the man and he is going to join us and explain the mission to see if he is going to be successful. and disturbing new evidence
7:06 am
of mass executions in iraq. satellite images appear to back up the reports. 160-190 captured iraqi soldiers were executed over a three-day period earlier this month. a human rights group said the number of victims could go much higher but the difficulty of locating bodies and access to the area prevented a full investigation. >> the fighting in ukraine is changing now forcing tens of thousands to make a run for it. the u.n.reporting 50,000 have been replaced and more than a hundred thousand others packed up over they own and are running for the border heading to russia to the east. they say they are not going to return. a special prosecutor backing
7:07 am
up scott walker claiming his support that leaked documents that support he was part of an ongoing scheme were taken out of context. mike tobin is live with more. >> reporter: the portion of the documents that got the attention was a request for more documents that may have shown illegal coordination with conservative groups. the larger case has been dismissed keep in mind. but criminal scheme and governor walker's name were in the request for documents and that was enough for headlines saying he is part of a scheme and at the part of a vast fundraising case. an attorney for the special prosecutor released the following statement. it is wrong to point to anything in this sentence as a legal
7:08 am
argument that governor walker has engaged in a criminal scheme. walker's opponent turned it into a campaign add and walker's campaign office is demanding it be taken down. they are saying they are using defunk material to slander him. prosecutors stated governor walker wasn't the target of an investigation. >> you said it is a john doe investigation. what does that mean? >> it is supposed to be a secret investigation to determine if there is probably cause to move forward with criminal charges. >> thanks, mike. there is a whistle blower revealing possible corruption but the whistle blower is under investigation.
7:09 am
how does that happen? and there is this. have a look: >> administration making a u-turn asking for half a million to fund certain groups in syria. >> and $35 million online. the price of a harry jump jet. if it were not a skilled pilot in a tiny step stool we would have lost that bad boy. we will explain. i bought a car, over and tells you, and you're like. a good deal or not.
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7:13 am
so this storm rolling through the heart land with flash flooding in des moines, iowa and officials urging people if you see the standing water don't drive through it. >> we have the slogan of turn around, don't drown. don't try to drive into a flooded area even if you think your vehicle may be able to. >> more rain is coming and the ground is saturated so more flash flooding is possible. president obama is seeking
7:14 am
$500 million to arm the rebel army in syria and this is coming as the civil war enters their 4th year. bill crowley is here and welcome. good to have you. >> good morning, thank you. >> i remember when there was an effort of people voicing that this needed to be done. there was a group that could take over and people had faith in them but that was a while ago. >> $500 million now is too little too late. i would say it is trying to oil in your engine after it has seized. the president wanted to see him
7:15 am
go but we lingered and let isis and other extremist start to dominate the battlefield and he is winning now and this $500 million we are glad they are getting it but it will not change things in syria and probably not get isis out of iraq which is probably part of the intent. >> it looks like that might be the intent. there are people out there who believe this could turn the tide and the combination of having 300 military ad visors in iraq and the $500 million in syria to aid this more appealing group is a shot at this point. you think it can work? >> well, it maybe a shot. and you know we will have to let it play out a little bit to see what happens. but if we had done this three years ago, the loss of innocent
7:16 am
life in syria would have been much less than it would have been and it will extend what is happening. if isis were pushed out of syria, which might be possible, that will not push them out of iraq. they will continue with the want and killing of people like you were mentions. isis is there and it will take more than 300 advisors inside trying to help the maliki government. if we present the picture we are helping maliki we will offend the others. most people agree if we had put the $500 million in three years ago as many of our friend were
7:17 am
calling for, if we had done that we would see a much different situation in syria and iraq. >> how concerned are you that isis can continue to move into lebanon and jordan? how much of a concern is that? >> i think it is legit. they are finding sunni recruits and they are out there on twitter and facebook and running videos. there is a lot of sunnis around there that will see anything that iraq or the government is doing as a dangerous to sunnis so the whole notion of the conflict throughout that entire region and more real now than it has ever been. i would say it is going to take an awful lot. we are missing one thing. we don't have a very good information operation campaign. we are not out there trying to convince sunnis that we are not
7:18 am
trying to support maliki and the shiites and we want stability for all of them. we are failing that and showing our support to fighting elements but we are not doing the other subtle things that could make a difference. >> good point. thank you very much, colonel. there is another dangerous hot spot we are dealing with and that is next door in iraq. tune in for the fox news special i iraq and the rise of a terrorist state hosted by chris wallace. hilary clinton trying to walk back comments she made saying she and her husband came out of the white house dead broke. how bad is the damage? will she be treated like romney
7:19 am
for making money. >> a family said the live-in nanny is way past her welcome and it has spawn added a huge l fight.
7:20 am
7:21 am
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7:22 am
>> a california family fired their live-in nanny after she refused to do the job and she is refusing to leave the home. the 64-year-old diane straton is going to sue the family. they called the police but they could not do anything. they have to go through a long,
7:23 am
drawnout eviction process. a whistle blower under investigation sounding the alarm about the process of implementing obamacare in the state of washington. the insurance commission pressured her to rule in favor of a case that would cut health care cost but limit choice. she is being investigated. dan springer is live in seattle. what is the woman alleging, dan? >> this whistle blower is saying corruption in the office. he has been a hearing officer for 28 years and never had much controversy over her hearing until recently. she claims the deputy commissioner put pressure on her to side with the insurance commissioner and when she didn't
7:24 am
do that she got a negative job report saying quote they must be orders they support. republicans in olympia are crying foul. >> she has to be independent. she has to be able to make her decisions and rulings based upon what is right. not someone's desire. >> she is not being given whistle blower acts and she is on paid leave. >> how does the affordable care act fit into this? >> this centers on the commissioner's desire to bring down the cost of health care even if it limited choices. seattle's children's hospital was kept out because they think they charge to be much. children's says they are a
7:25 am
provider and must be in the exchange. they wanted the appeal to be denied but instead they were granted a hearing. >> this employee isn't towing the line. he ought to be on the case. if we like the policy we want them carried out boy employees. -- by -- >> the insurance commissioner website seems to contradict that. it says hearing officer are impartial judges quote. >> the case continues. thank you, dan. dan springer in seattle. 25 minutes past the hour. i am thinking the nanny probably likes the pool. >> she is comfortable and doesn't want to leave. can you blame her? they are still trying to find lois lerner's lost e-mails and two congressmen floated the idea of giving a huge reward for
7:26 am
whoever can find the e-mails? surely there is a smart techy out there who can dig it up. luey gomer is going to join us live. plus this: >> it just looks like summer, doesn't it? >> i love that scream. >> that is joy caught on camera. she keeps on going. >> awesome. where is that? >> that is in your backyard. >> where does it end? alice in wonderland? the lowest price
7:27 am
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>> in case you were wondering, there is new video of the man getting out for disorderly conduct after creating a scene, smoking and slapped patrons on the back of the head and the butt. can you imagine paying $100 for a show and get treated like that? he is due in back in court on july 24. >> a way for stupid people to do
7:31 am
stupid things. one million for lois lerner's e-mails. that is the bounty. congressman louie gohmert, a republican from texas, is here with me. good morning to you in dallas, texas. >> good to be with you. >> you think you have to offer a million to get the e-mails. why is that? >> you can have a justice department that is actually involved injustice and they will get it done. but we don't have a justice department. we have a just us or injustice department. so the only other way is the carr carrot method. >> a million to recover the lost e-mails. another $500,000 for information on who destroyed the e-mails. is that right? >> that is exactly right.
7:32 am
and it doesn't cost any more than we have already appropate because it comes from the irs budget. the junk about the old computers is ridiculous. they have the best software. this should draw people out. we know those e-mails are out there. we know they can be found. we just need people to help find them and don't forget the other stick. we reduce everybody's salary in the irs 20% until the e-mails are produced. >> why not just go after the server? aren't they there? >> that is the problem. you have to have an attorney general serious about justice and this one isn't. he is obviously going over the fast and furious and we will not
7:33 am
produce and helps hide material. i think he needs to go. i think if he doesn't resign, we should impeach him and he has to go. but this is a way to work around the attorney general to get justice. >> short of that, you need a whistle blower. >> we need a whistle blower. >> you are trying to get someone to come forward? >> we are waiting for john dean to come forward. >> you and your colleagues say you will get the e-mails? why the level of confidence? >> the attorney general can't stay attorney general for ever. we will get justice in the end. i believe as was written by henry longfellow -- the wrong shall fail and the right will
7:34 am
prevail. it takes a while sometimes but it will happen. the people helping hiding this maybe shocked to find out they are principles because they assisted, aided and abedded with a crime. >> you had yesterday the irs has evidence that will prove innocence or guilt, the evidence disappears. >> as a chief judge, there is a doctrine we dealt with. if evidence is in their hands, that is a huge exception you can turn into the jury and say you may consider they had the evidence, it disappeared under their control, and you can consider the evidence didn't support their position but the opposite. that is a big piece of evidence.
7:35 am
it is important stuff, too. >> i tell you what else is important. we caught you on camera doing something to your colleague yesterday. who is this guy coming up behind lankford? that is a photo bomb. >> i thought maybe i would victimize james. he is a friend. but after talking to my democratic colleague i realized i am the victim. i have had to work in this environment and i am the victim. there wasn't any wrongdoing on my part. i was a victim of the environment. >> you looked a little creepy. >> if you don't buy that we can relate to the flip wilson saying the devil made me do it. >> i have no idea who that person is behind the curtain. but this wasn't the first time, was it now? you have been busted before.
7:36 am
>> well, no, actually, bill, if you check people that are just milling around washington as tourist, you would probably find a lot of tourist photographs. >> show them the picture. i know with martha maccallum is but i see you there. >> who are you talking into >> look it is louie gohmert. >> it is the creepy congressman that liked to sneak up behind people. hello, louie gohmert. >> great to see you, martha. she looks a lot better doing it than me. i will be on with you anyway i can. >> you can jump into my shot anytime, congressman. >> thank you. i may have to do that. >> thank you, louie gohmert from texas. have a good weekend.
7:37 am
you did a good job. i could not tell you were behind me. that is what made it so official. >> i knew it would be hard to pull that off because nothing happens on the set hat bill doesn't see. you saw me creeping around the back. leave it to the marines. a jet pilot realizes he has a big problem shortly after take off. the nose wheel isn't coming down but he is flying a harrier jump jet. it looks like the put a foot stool down and the pilot eased it down. cannot see the stool. but the simple invention saved the day. there is a new book about aircraft carriers and living on them and how often they come through and don't catch the wire. >> the plane is $35 million and the stool is $20 bucks at home
7:38 am
depot. kine of like stuff we have around here. hilary clinton facing a backlash after making remarks about her own personal health. supposed to be a strong woman but on the other hand you have the sense she sees herself as the poor victim and this comes out when she talks about money. >> is that true? if she runs for the white house could she be paint would the same brush as mitt romney? >> how about this. dozens of people injured at a house party where the floor gave way once again. >> all of the ladies and everybody went down. we had to pull one by one out.
7:39 am
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dozen injured after a house collapse in texas saying more than a hundred people may have been there with the second floor collapsed. >> we felt everything was falling down. and everyone was falling on each other. you could not breathe or move legs or anything because everybody was on you. no body can move and that is why you are stuck. >> at least 30 people in the
7:43 am
hospital with various injuries. the cause of the collapse is under investigation. too much weight? so personal wealth can be a sensitive issues in american politics and if hilary clinton does run for president this remark could be the first gasp of her campaign. >> we came out of the white house dead broke and in debt. we had no money when we got there and we struggled to piece together mortgages for housing and chelsy's education. >> like her husband, she earned millions over that time. >> i do think she did damage responding to the book rollout.
7:44 am
she got paid $14 million for the book. >> scott benson and richard fowler is here. welcome to both of you. good to have you here. >> happy friday, martha. >> this sound has been roaming around for the past several days since the interview but it is getting attention. it raises a question in terms of how she is perceived by the voting public as perhaps out of touch. >> there is a lot of folks that love hillary and a lot of that hate her. when they left the white house they had to put money out there. yeah, they made it all back and have a lot of money but thank that is a great example of the american dream. which presidential candidate that ran for office -- who in the senate doesn't have a million in the bank and that speaks volumes to our elected
7:45 am
political class. but i don't think it says anything less than the clintons. everybody on the hill happens to be rich. >> the washington post reported that since 2011 bill clinton has earned about $105 million just in speaking fees. the good news for the clinton's is they are loaded. 9 figures since 2011 and that is just bill's. hillary makes $200 grand and pop and that is four times the average annual income for the average family. it doesn't count the tens of millions they made from book deals. they are doing well and you might say they are truly well off. but they have two years to come up with better answers.
7:46 am
>> her husband tried to help out and then stepped in it as well. he said he bought 15 swiss watches giving speeches in switzerland. the longer issue is how long they have been in the game and has that separated them from the american experience and watt it is like to struggle and be dead broke? she is someone who has, i think both of them, came from middle class background and that is something important politicians need to do and that is keeping in touch with what is going on in people's life. that is the bigger question. >> i think you are right. my mom told you you cannot forget where you came from or you will forget where you will go. if you look at the global initiative, they invest in poverty programs, global health programs, programs to stop
7:47 am
hiv/aids and these are programs that effect the poor. bill and hillary understand what it is like to be poor. the fact they made it and are worth a couple million speaks to the american dream. >> sometimes democrats paint republicans like they are the rich out of touch people and i think that is unfair in light of this. they also give money to organizations you listed but they are painted with being out of touch. watch this moment for mitt romney when he ran. >> you raised that before, rick. >> it was true then. it is true now. >> rick, i will tell you what, $10,000 bet? >> i am not in the betting business. >> that moment. when he just sort of -- i bet you $10,000. not a lot of money.
7:48 am
what do you say? that didn't go too well for him. >> no, it didn't and set into the narrative about him. hilary clinton could pony that about from about 5 minutes into her speech. the bad news is they have to answer questions about their afffluence and that is too bod. they have worked hard, made a lot of money, written speeches and bock -- books -- is terrific. but the fact they have to engage in this is the democrats demonizing money. >> the president talks about you don't have to make a lot of money and you didn't build that on our own smacks an attitude that there is something wrong with being successful, richard.
7:49 am
>> there is a different and bill clinton is great at pointing it out. they said they could afford to pay more. the difference was he had a spoon over his mouth and romney doesn't want to pay more. the clintons don't have a problem paying more in taxesism >> no, they want to see the money spent wisely. that is the difference. i am sure romney would be happy to pay more if he thought the money was spent efficiently. that is what the issue comes down. but there is a demonization of the successful in this country. there is no doubt about it. >> i hear that. and i hear what you are saying. i totally understand and i think there are folks that feel that way. but there is a difference between being wealthy and having a sense of good and being wealthy and just wanting more and more. if you look at the polling and data that is why people hate wall street because wall street
7:50 am
is wealthy and we want more and we will do anything to get it. >> terrible people. >> and the clinton's are saying we worked hard and are willing to get back. >> thank you very much. we have to go. >> jon scott standing by with "happening now" coming your way. >> you give him the $10 grand. iraq continues to decline with fresh victories and new u.s. troops are arriving. now there is word the u.s. will pay and train militants in syria. and the stumbles from bill and hilary clinton -- are the media being fair to them? and pickins is here to talk about rising gas prices and u.s. energy policy and bad numbers for gas prices this summer.
7:51 am
>> thank you, jon. someone crowned this kid the king of summertime. king of summertime. looks like we're about to board. mm-hmm. i'm just comparing car insurance rates at is that where they show the other guys' rates, too? mm-hmm. cool. yeah. hi. final boarding call for flight 294.
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turkey club. the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. a senior u.s. official telling us the benghazi suspect will arrive in the united states this weekend. he is in custody on the uss new york and he has been on the sea for a good 11 days. the reporting is he will arrive over the course of the weekend. this is like something for breaking bad but for folks on the border this is all too real.
7:55 am
a flood of meth pouring into the states. several pounds of meth found here smuggled inside an accordion. why mexico, casey? >> it is interesting. remember the united states federal government cracked down on this on several years ago and you saw the meth lab task forces being formed and then you had to start showing your driver's license when you went to the store to buy a sinus medicine because it contained a primary ingredient in making meth? well law enforcement says that brought it open to the drug car tell. researchers believe that 90% of the meth on the street comes from mexico because apparently
7:56 am
smuggling this across the border is easy. >> they take the methamphetamine made in mexico and you can dissolve it in a water bottle or a juice bottle. walk it across the border, looks like you have water, and once you get on the u.s. side you can dry it out. >> sadly, law enforcement is overwhelmed and trying to figure out how to address it and cut off the but it is easy to get across the border so a hard task. >> stay on it, casey. martha? president obama is asking for $500 million to help the rebel group we find the most favorable in syria. it is going to help? too late? we will be right back. we will be right back. than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews.
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bill: i love it. that is pure joy. five-year-old bennett white wearing a camera riding down a water slide during a family
8:00 am
cruise. we thought that was shot of the day until, we thought it was our shot of the day until this one happened. martha: i don't like half the time during the show. i will be in your shots. you like that? bill: that is creepy martha. and we love her. have a great weekend. "happening now" starts right now jenna: really watch out for that martha. we have to keep an eye. jon: don't get any ideas. jenna: you have a few interviews today. i have many opportunities. hello, everybody, hope you're off to a great friday. the president asking congress for a half billion dollars to train syrian rebels. one of our big stories. i'm jenna lee. jon: good idea or too little too late? i'm jon scott. this effort to combat sunni militants streaming across the syrian border and trying to take over iraq. the


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